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Internet users have helped the mother of a Russian soldier to pay debts

Junior Sergeant Vitaly Manilow, carrying out the service in Judea and Samaria, in the soldier’s community in Facebook and in army category on the website «Mako» published a letter received by his mother from the bailiff threatening to freeze her Bank account and property for the debts. The family of the soldier also threatened to evict from the apartment. Vitaly didn’t accuse anybody in this situation, just asked for help from military personnel and Internet users.

The soldier told me that his mother once a week caring for the elderly. She earns about 2,000 a month and receives aid from «bituach Leumi». This money is not enough to contain three small children, the youngest of them a year and a half. Vitali, when she comes home, she moonlights as a courier. Soldiers also wrote that, given the difficult family situation he could become a «Dabnika», but he chose combat troops to defend the country.

Since the publication of this message two days had passed. The website «Mako» reported that Internet users, including many military personnel, helped the family of a soldier, having covered the debt of his mother, amounting to 5.500 shekels. Before the necessary amount was collected, one of the contractors, the IDF reported that it was able to negotiate with the law firm and the mother of a soldier will not be thrown out on the street.

The online publication writes that several businesses contacted the soldier and reported that the family bought food and clothes that soon will be handed over to his mother. Girl soldiers bought disposable diapers for her younger sister Vitali.

The soldier thanked all of those who responded to his call for help. He also said that his younger brothers were touched by the sympathy of the Israelites.

Internet users have helped the mother of a Russian soldier to pay debts 04.12.2015

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