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iQOS electronic cigarette from Philip Morris, will be taxed as ordinary cigarettes

The Ministry of health reported to the high court that the iQOS, a new electronic cigarette company Philip Morris, will be taxed on a par with other tobacco products sold in Israel.

In the response prepared by the Ministry of health, said that the cartridges for cigarettes (heets) contain resin in an amount which could pose a threat to health, and therefore, the products should be subject to the same taxes as regular cigarettes. The report States that the Tax office agrees with this conclusion and has already prepared the draft of the corresponding decree, which shall be signed by the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

Radio «Kahn Beth» reported that the manufacturer of a new electronic cigarette believes that the Israeli Ministry of health did not understand the principle of iQOS, which is based on technology «heat, not burn.» The gist of it is to heat the tobacco to a temperature at which it has not said, but the maximum is heated to give the aroma and taste. The companies claim that iQOS is much safer than regular cigarettes.

In Israel, the tax on cigarettes is about 80% of their value. 20 tobacco sticks for iQOS currently stand at about 33-35 Israel shekels, which is comparable in price to a pack of cigarettes Marlboro, which produces Philip Morris. Website The Marker said that after the introduction of the tax tobacco cartridges will have to rise, or the manufacturer would have to significantly reduce the price of their products.

iQOS electronic cigarette from Philip Morris, will be taxed as ordinary cigarettes 14.06.2017

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