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Iran and Iraq signed an agreement to expand military cooperation

During the visit to Tehran by the Minister of defence of Iraq is Irfan Jiali signed with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Gehenom agreement on expanding cooperation in the defense sector.

As noted in the communiqué, the States reached an understanding on a wide range of issues. It was on the joint fight against terrorism and extremism, the security of the border.

Recall that during the reign of Saddam Hussein Iran and Iraq were enemies. However, the overthrow of the dictator in 2003 led to the weakening of the Sunnis and the growing influence of Shiites, largely focused on Iran.

Agreement on the fate of Iran’s nuclear program led to the removal from Iran most of the sanctions that responded positively to the Iranian economy. Tehran has increased its support for its regional allies, strengthening the status of the largest exporter of terror.

The Islamic Republic of Iran interferes in Iraqi politics, support the Assad regime in Syria and Hizbullah in Lebanon. It helps the Houthis, leading the fight against the government of Yemen.

Iran and Iraq signed an agreement to expand military cooperation 24.07.2017

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