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Iran conducted missile tests near an American aircraft carrier

The Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has conducted missile tests in the vicinity of the three warships of Western countries, which passed through the Strait of Hormuz. One of them is the American aircraft carrier Harry S Truman.

The representative of the Ministry of defense reported that during the tests in the Strait, in addition to the aircraft carrier, was the frigate of the French Navy and the USS Bulkeley. The Pentagon actions of the Iranian side appreciated as a blatant provocation.

The source noted that none of the tested missiles was not released directly in the ships. However, one of them exploded just a mile from the ship. To shy away from getting to the ship was not necessary.

A day before the incident, Iranian media reported on upcoming tests of new missile systems. As reported, the rocket will be released from the ship of the coastal zone, in the territorial waters of Oman.

Iran conducted missile tests near an American aircraft carrier 30.12.2015

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