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Iran established UAV base near the Syrian Palmyra

Operating in the airspace of Syria, Iranian drones are based in the vicinity of Palmyra, near the U.S. military base. It is reported by NBC citing U.S. military sources.

On the base there are operators that control of the UAV «Shahada-129». These aircraft are able to perform as a strike and reconnaissance missions. The drones, which entered service in 2012, able to stay aloft for 24 hours.

80 kilometers South of Palmyra, is an American military base al-TANF. Here is the training of the Kurdish militias fighting against the «Islamic state», and also based multiple rocket launchers involved in the liberation of Raqqa.

The US has declared the airspace within a radius of 55 km around the base a closed military zone, saying that would drive all the hostile aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, which it is imbued.

8 June, the US shot down an Iranian UAV opened fire on the coalition forces base in the area. On 20 June there was a second downed Iranian drone. Also, the U.S. air force shot down a Syrian su-22, attacked positions of Kurdish militia.

Iran established UAV base near the Syrian Palmyra 21.06.2017

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