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Iran held an anti-Israel demonstration in honor of the «Day of al-Quds»

Iranian state media reported that anti-Israel demonstrations in Tehran and other cities on Friday, June 23 was attended by about a million people.

The participants of the marches and rallies chanted «Death to Israel!», «Death to USA!» «Death To The UK!», and «Death «of the Islamic state!». In Tehran, protesters carried a puppet depicting the king of Saudi Arabia Salman-style anti-Semitic cartoons.

Addressing the demonstrators were made by the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, also the March joined by the President of the country Hassan Rouhani.

Anti-Israeli rallies are an annual event, held in «the Day of al-Quds». Iranian authorities insist that meetings are necessary as an expression of support for the Palestinian brothers and the reminder of the importance of Jerusalem for all Muslims.

On the occasion of the parade, the IRGC has demonstrated missiles ballistic missiles «Zolfaghar» («Sword», a range of up to 700-750 km), which entered service of the revolutionary guards in the spring of 2017, as well as missiles, «Qader» with radius of action 200 kilometers.

Iran held an anti-Israel demonstration in honor of the «Day of al-Quds» 23.06.2017

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