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Iran is on the border with Iraq military maneuvers

Sunday, September 24, the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps has begun to conduct military maneuvers on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan, where on 25 September will be held a referendum on independence.

Iranian media reported that the military maneuvers are part of annual events in honor of the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war.

A day earlier, on 23 September, Iran tested a new ballistic missile «khorramshahr» with a range of 2 thousand kilometers. Footage depicting tests of the missile were published by the national broadcasting company of Iran. The place and time of testing was not reported.

On the eve of the missile was presented at a military parade in honor of the 37-year-old anniversary of the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war. The missile was named after the city in the South-East of Iran, which became a national symbol of the war and were released by the Iranians after a month of severe fighting.

Iran is on the border with Iraq military maneuvers

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