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Iran is ready to sell heavy water USA

The head of the atomic energy organization of Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi said that the Iranian part of the inventory of heavy water will be sold abroad. One of the possible buyers official called the United States.

«We produced 160 tons of heavy water. 130 tons will be needed for the reactor at Arak. The rest we will put it up for sale. USA, the main importer of heavy water are considered as one of possible variants», — quotes its statement to the Agency IRNA.

As an option of payment are considered not only money, but also a concentrate of uranium known as «yellow cake».

However Salehi has denounced Washington’s demands, according to which before the lifting of sanctions, Tehran needs to get rid of the surplus heavy water. The official said that they are in flagrant violation of the Vienna agreement.

The Ayatollah regime is hoping that sanctions will be lifted in 2015. Iran has already started the implementation of the agreement started the dismantling of centrifuges. The IAEA, in turn, announced the termination of the investigation aimed to shed light on the military aspects of nuclear program of Tehran.

Iran is ready to sell heavy water USA 24.12.2015

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