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Iran rejects doubts about the success of a missile attack: hundreds of ISIS militants killed in Syria

The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran insist that the missile strikes on targets «Islamic state» in Syria was successful. Tehran refutes the publication of the Israeli media that three of the seven missiles «Zolfaghar», released 18 June on targets in Syria, fell on the territory of Iraq.

Iranian news Agency Fars reports that the missile attack was coordinated with the authorities of Russia, Iraq, and Syria.

The same Agency claims that as a result of Iranian missile strike on terrorist base in the Syrian province of Deir AZ-Zour was destroyed at least 360 militants, including a senior commander of the terrorist organization – the Saudi Saad al-Husseini, known as «Abu Saad».

In Tehran say they are ready for the application of new missile strikes on terrorist bases and emphasize that an attack on ISIS in Syria was a response to the recent series of terrorist attacks in Iran, in which 18 people were killed and over 50 were injured.

Iranian media reported that the country’s missile attack on the bases of ISIS in Syria is celebrated as a national holiday, many publications publish texts of poems and songs has already been written about this.

On the evening of June 18, the bases of the «Islamic revolutionary guard Corps» (IRGC) in the provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdistan were launched several ballistic missiles of average range «Zolfaqar» toward Syria. According to the Iranian Fars news Agency, the attack was subjected to the command center «takfirist» centers providing terrorists in the dir district of the ez-Zour, as well as workshops, which is the Assembly of vehicles used for terrorist attacks.

IRGC General Ramadan Sharif said earlier that, according to Iranian intelligence, all missiles hit the target. Brigadier General, commander of the air forces of the IRGC Amir Ali Hajizade reported the state television of Iran, that the missiles flying over Iraq, fell in Syria. He noted that this is confirmed by staff, who were transferred to the UAV located in the dir district, AZ-Zura.

June 19, Israeli website Walla News, citing an anonymous source in the government informed that according to Israeli intelligence, only one or two of the seven missiles launched yesterday evening by Iran towards Syria, hit the target with the «Islamic state».

At the same time, the Israeli website «Mako», not indicating the source from which information was received, said that three of the seven missiles fell on Iraq, and the rest exploded hundreds of meters away from the objectives.

Ballistic missiles «Zolfaghar» («Sword», a range of up to 700-750 km) entered service with the IRGC in the spring of 2017. These missiles equipped with submunition warhead.

Promotional video of the IRGC missile strike on the basis of the IG in Syria

Iran rejects doubts about the success of a missile attack: hundreds of ISIS militants killed in Syria 20.06.2017

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