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Iran started mass production of rockets «Sayyad-3»

On the basis of air defence Khatam al-Anbiya took place the solemn ceremony devoted to the beginning of mass production in the Islamic Republic of Iran missiles «Sayyad-3» designed to combat air targets.

As stated, its range is 15-200 miles, and ceiling greater than 25 kilometers. According to the designers, the air defense system is able to track 30 targets and destroy 12 of them at the same time.

«Sayyad» in translation from Persian – «the hunter». Tehran claims that it is a system developed by the Iranian experts, but it is improving missiles, sea-based Standard, which the U.S. sold to Iran before the 1979 revolution.

The objective of the new system – to replace remaining armed Islamic Republic of Russian s-200. Concurrent work on the system «Bavar-373», which aims to oust purchased from Russia s-300.

Iran started mass production of rockets «Sayyad-3» 23.07.2017

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