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Iranian Navigator helps to avoid the morality police

In the Islamic Republic of Iran is gaining the popularity of new mobile application designed to help users to avoid contact with the police. It works on the principle of road Navigator.

According to the BBC, the morality police, known as the «Ershad», usually sets up a mobile checkpoint, consisting of a minibus, groups of bearded men and a pair of modestly dressed women. The patrol authority is wide enough, they can not only be fined but also arrested.

The app acts as a social network, offering all users to map police stations. When messages about a particular post cannot be delivered, the corresponding image will gradually fade, and disappear.

«Why should we tolerate bullying due to the fact that he decided to dress as we like? The Internet is full of videos where the police beats up and humiliates women. The police must protect citizens, not harass them,» say the authors.

Note that the police provided the scope for interpretation of laws. Only for the year 2014 three million Iranians have received warnings, 200.000 were forced to write explanatory notes, and 18,000 had been charged.

Iranian Navigator helps to avoid the morality police 10.02.2016

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