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«Irma» is raging in Florida: the first victim was the truck driver

On Sunday morning, September 10, the hurricane «Irma», currently the fourth category of danger, reached the coast of Florida. Reported at least one victim of the cataclysm, which was the driver of the truck lost control of the car in difficult weather conditions and crashed into a tree.

The office of the Sheriff Monroe County said that a truck crashed into a tree in the village of Marathon, was discovered on Saturday around noon.

As previously reported, the first American settlements, the impact of hurricane «Irma» took on Key West, almost all of whose population, including the military, were evacuated.

The most severe consequences of the hurricane will be for the southern and Western regions of Florida.

The national centre for monitoring hurricanes in the USA (NOAA) predicts massive destruction in the state. The wind speed in the eye of the hurricane is about 60 m/s is Expected to tide water height of 4.5 metres.
About 200,000 homes in Florida because of the strong wind left without electricity even before the hurricane «Irma» reached the coast of the state.
About 70,000 inhabitants of Florida are placed in special shelters. But, in total, the evacuation was evacuated more than 5 million people.

On Saturday morning the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott literally begged people to leave dangerous areas, claiming that such natural disasters in the state have not yet happened. A few hours later he said, addressing the population: «the Hurricane is already here.»

According to experts, «Irma» is one of the most powerful hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean in the entire history of observations. As a result of the hurricane was already destroyed many houses on the Islands of Saint-barthélemy, Saint-Martin island (destroyed about 90% of the buildings). Killed at least 20 people, more than 100 got injured. More than one million inhabitants of Puerto Rico were left without water and electricity. In Cuba, the hurricane «Irma» also caused considerable damage, but fatalities were reported.

«Irma» is raging in Florida: the first victim was the truck driver 10.09.2017

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