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Is it easy to be a journalist in Israel? Review of Arab media

The Qatari channel «al Jazeera» interviews with Israeli and Western journalists covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It was a response to the closure of the news Bureau in Jerusalem. The channel claims that Israel has no right to be called the only democracy in the middle East in connection with systematic violations of freedom of speech and creating barriers for journalists.

The Agency Maan quoted the foreign Minister of the Palestinian national authority Riyad al-Maliki, who reported that in the next two weeks in the region back the U.S. delegation, headed by Jason Grinblatt and Jared Kushner. It should give a clear answer to the Palestinians questions.

The TV channel «Hezbollah» «al-Manar» claims that during the fighting in the Yemeni city of Taiz the Houthis called the heroic soldiers of the legitimate government, inflicted a crushing defeat on the us-Saudi aggressors. According to the publication, dozens of invaders died, hundreds of mercenaries were wounded.

The London newspaper «al-Rai al-yum» says that Kuwait can not cope with the role of a mediator in the Qatari crisis. In recent Kuwait, the statement noted that the state declared a boycott of Qatar, have been key members of the coalition that liberated Kuwait from Iraqi occupation in 1991. Practically, this means that the Emirate is ready to join the sanctions against Qatar.

The Arabic version of Sky News reports that inflation in Egypt has reached 33% per year. This is the highest rate since 1986. In the cities life has become more expensive, and in rural areas are cheaper. A sharp rise in inflation began after the devaluation of the pound in November 2016. This was done at the request of the International monetary Fund.

Is it easy to be a journalist in Israel? Review of Arab media 10.08.2017

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