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«ISIS is good, ISIS is great»: the old woman showed sexual terrorists

Last weekend in the police station of the village of brown deer (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA), located on the Western shore of lake Mighican, received a call from a 82-year-old local resident. The caller reported that her house, apparently, live secret supporters of the terrorist organization «Islamic state».

In response to a question on duty police officer that brought her on such suspicions, the old woman said, she heard somewhere in the neighborhood of the word «ISIS is good, IG is wonderful» («ISIS is good, ISIS is great»). The old lady said that these words were accompanied by groans of, «how having sex». The caller could not exactly be called an apartment, from which came the sounds, it seemed to her that they surround her from everywhere.

According to local police chief Michael cash, an MP mocked the woman and take seriously her call, he advised her to call again if she hears something like that, reports the website of the TV channel Fox 6. Cass fully supports his subordinate, stressing that you never know which call will help to stop activity of terrorist cells. He requires from his subordinates attentive attitude to any suspicion.

Meanwhile, the phrase «ISIS is good, ISIS is great» (which probably sounded like «it is good, it is great» – whether during actual sex scenes, whether on TV or through the speakers of the computer) started to spread like a virus in social networks. Commentators strongly promise and over podslushivaet the old woman, and over the watchful police.

Fox 6 quoted one of the residents of brown deer, marking that the village they are quiet, and in the neighbouring residential complex where the lady is calling the police, nothing suspicious ever happened. Sympathizers of the «Islamic state» in these parts is still not met.

The police acknowledge that the Complainant not only elderly, but also «suffers from certain diseases», and therefore could incorrectly with fright to hear or interpret what is heard. However, police chief Michael Kass believes that in the current situation, you should not treat such calls as to the anecdote.

«ISIS is good, ISIS is great»: the old woman showed sexual terrorists 23.12.2015

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