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Islamic Jihad accused Israel of a «dangerous escalation»

The destruction of the tunnel that led from Gaza into Israeli territory, killed one of the commanders of Islamic Jihad and his Deputy.

In place of the tunnel, work continues on the search for survivors of the militants who were underground at the time of the explosion. Representatives of the Ministry of health of the Gaza strip reported that the death toll in the tunnels, grew to eight people. More than ten people were injured and taken to hospitals in the sector.

According to Palestinian media, among victims — the commander of Islamic Jihad in the Central district of the Gaza strip, Arafat Abu-Murshid and his Deputy Hassan Abu-Hasnin. It is also known that killed the commander of an elite unit of Hamas, arrived at the scene of the explosion together with the rescue squad.

Islamic Jihad accused Israel of a «dangerous escalation» and expressed his right to «at any convenient moment to answer Zionist aggression». The group declared a General mobilization.

Monday, October 30, at about 13:00 received reports of explosions that were heard in the Central part of the border with Gaza, near check point «Kissufim».

The Israeli military confirmed the fact that the implementation of the controlled explosion near the «Kissufim».

Shortly after this was published clarification: the IDF blew up the tunnel terrorists, the threat is no more.

The entrance to the tunnel was located about 2 km from kibbutz kisufim. Obviously, it was about the so-called «tunnel of Jihad», military say.

The Israeli military emphasize that locate and destroy the tunnel succeeded with the help of new technologies. Operation on its destruction was carried out from Israeli territory.

The IDF prepare for a possible response of terrorists. In areas bordering the Gaza strip, were deployed batteries of missile defense system «Iron dome.» Radio «Kahn Beth» was told that the missile defense system were deployed after the detection of the tunnel in preparation for its destruction.

At the meeting of the parliamentary faction of Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the destruction of a tunnel on the border with Gaza. «Our main task – ensuring the security of Israel. And that’s what we do and did today, destroying the tunnel terrorists. This indicates a technological breakthrough and a great success of our army. We see Hamas as responsible for everything that happens in Gaza and for all the attempts of sabotage,» said Netanyahu.

On the eve of the UN Agency assisting Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) announced that on October 15 under one of the schools operating under the auspices of the UN, was discovered a tunnel terrorists. On the Agency’s website it was said that immediately after the discovery of the tunnel had taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety of children and staff: the school was discontinued, the building was sealed. About the discovery of the terror infrastructure under the school was notified to the appropriate bodies. The Agency condemned the tunneling under the school grounds, calling the tunnel an unacceptable threat to children and teachers, as well as a violation of the neutrality of the current UN structure. From the message of the UNRWA showed that 10 days after discovery of the tunnel classes at the school resumed.

June 1, 2017 by the Army of defense of Israel on the Gaza strip was discovered an underground tunnel. He was directly under the building school for boys «al-Maasi» operating under the auspices of the UN Agency for aid to Palestinian refugees.

During the antiterrorist operation «Indestructible rock» (summer 2014) was discovered dozens of tunnels that led from Gaza into Israeli territory. Largely, for the destruction of these tunnels, it was decided on holding the ground operation in Gaza. Just then it was destroyed 32 of the tunnel terrorists. The last such tunnel was destroyed by the military in February 2015. But after the operation «Indestructible rock» on the detection by the Israeli military new tunnels of the terrorists was not reported, although residents of the settlements located near the Gaza border, have repeatedly stated that I hear echoes of the underground works. In some cases, the facts continue construction of a Hamas «terror tunnels» have been confirmed.

After August 2014, the IDF completed an operation «Indestructible rock», the command «Izaddina brigades of al-kasama» (armed wing of Hamas) have made significant efforts to restore the bases in Beit Hanoun, Shujie and Khan Yunis. Special attention pays Hamas underground utilities, which is provided by redeployment of militants and implemented approaches to rocket mines. In addition, thousands of employees were involved in the restoration of old and creation of new tunnels on the borders of Gaza – on the southern direction, where the tunnels crossed arms and goods from Egypt, and on the East and North direction, where the tunnels allow militants to enter Israeli territory. In the construction of these tunnels used concrete which are smuggled from Egypt, including from individuals who are not able to complete the rehabilitation of their homes due to lack of funds and materials, and therefore sold the concrete for the Hamas, as well as the materials that Gas received as humanitarian aid.

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Islamic Jihad accused Israel of a «dangerous escalation» 30.10.2017

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