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«Israel a-Yom»: the Arab guides used to work for anti-Israeli propaganda

Newspaper and website «Israel a-Yom» published August 8, material on how the Arab tour guides from Israel and the Palestinian authority, presented the history of the Jewish people and the state of Israel tourists.

The Israeli guides in conversation with this newspaper saying that one of the places for anti-Israel propaganda has become a Museum memorial Holocaust and heroism of the Jewish people «Yad Vashem». According to them, they personally heard their Arab colleagues told the tourists that «at the present time, the Jews used the Nazi practices against the Arab population.»

Israeli tour guides also tell that he had heard from Arab colleagues ‘ anti-Israeli statements in the walls of the Old city of Jerusalem. In particular, the Arab guides claim that the Jews were in Jerusalem a hundred years ago, and have no connection with this place. They claim that all the archaeological finds that indicate the presence of Jews in Jerusalem for millennia, are fake.

The publication writes that the Israeli travel Agency hiring Arab guides to save as an Israeli guide for day work is $ 225, Arabic — exactly half of this amount.

The Ministry of tourism, «Israel a-Yom» reported that the Arab guides up to 0.5% guides working in Israel and they will accompany the group from the Palestinian authority. The Ministry of tourism supervises their work, and, if it is discovered that guide distorts events, he loses the license. In addition, representatives of the Ministry of tourism reported that currently work is underway on amendments to the law on the provision of tourist services, in particular, to strengthen control over the work of the guides.

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«Israel a-Yom»: the Arab guides used to work for anti-Israeli propaganda 08.08.2017

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