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«Israel a-Yom»: the leaders of the SHAS negotiating with Eli Yishay, on his appointment in place of Aryeh Deri

Representatives of the party SHAS in contact with the former Minister of the interior Eli Yishay, checking the possibility of his return to the post of leader of the movement, said on Thursday, June 1, political commentator, «Israel a-Yom» Mati Tuhfeld.

According to published information, contacts, began on 29 may and intensified after details became known of the alleged Sake of the offences.

Official representatives of SHAS categorically reject the allegations about the negotiations allegedly carried out with Eli Yishay: «We provide full support and trust Aryeh Deri, rely on his leadership, and there is no chance that anyone but him will lead the party in future elections».

At the same time, according to Mati Tuhfeld, talks about a possible change of the party leader Sephardic ultraorthodox continue and go with the knowledge of Rabbi Meir Misuse, the spiritual leader of the «Yahad», created by Eli Yishay, after leaving SHAS. According to published reports, Rabbi Mazuz agreed to the merger of the two parties with the purpose of Yishai as leader of SHAS and without their co-optation into the Council of Torah sages. This Council is headed by Rabbi Shalom Cohen, and the message «Israel a-Yom», may 29, Eli Yishai spoke with the son of Shalom Cohen, Rabbi Yaakov Cohen, considered the most influential figure in the entourage of his father. The interview took place on the sidelines of the gala evening in honor of the former chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar.

Until recently, none of the political or spiritual leaders of SHAS had not talked to Eli Yishay, because of the enmity between him and Aryeh Deri. It is assumed that the desire to resume contacts with Yishay, also suggests that SHAS are preparing for the possibility of withdrawal from Deri policy in connection with the ongoing investigation against him.

We will remind that 54-year-old Eli Yishai headed SHAS from 1999 to 2013 he held the posts of Minister of internal Affairs, Minister of industry and trade, Minister of labor and social security, as well as Deputy Prime Minister. After the return of Aryeh Deri to politics, Eli Yishai short time remained as second in SHAS, but in 2014 he left the party and established the movement «Yahad», the head of which ran for the Knesset of the 20th convocation. The party «Yahad» did not pass the electoral threshold.

58-year-old Aryeh Deri, born in Morocco and Chairman of the ultra-Orthodox Sephardic SHAS party, took the post of interior Minister from 11 January 2016, in October of last year he resigned from the Knesset, losing its mandate to another colleague in the party. Deri was interior Minister during the years 1988-1993 (with a small break). In 2000, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment on charges of bribery, was released in 2002 after serving in prison for 22 months. In 2011, Deri returned to politics, which led to a split in SHAS. However, in 2013, Deri led the SHAS faction in the Knesset, in 2015 he received the post of Minister of economy, and the following year headed the Ministry of internal Affairs.

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«Israel a-Yom»: the leaders of the SHAS negotiating with Eli Yishay, on his appointment in place of Aryeh Deri 01.06.2017

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