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«Israel a-Yom»: the state will pay compensation to the man for a fabricated criminal case

The state will pay compensation in the amount of 430.000 shekels to the man who was wrongly accused of dissolute actions concerning the daughter of the police officer.

As writes on Wednesday, October 25, AVI Cohen in the newspaper «Israel a-Yom», the court not only acquitted the defendant, but held that the case was deliberately fabricated by the police. The judge called the police actions «deliberate and malicious».

The story began 12 years ago, when the defendant, who was a little over 20 years, worked in the cafeteria of the school where he studied the daughter of a police officer. The young man was accused that he hugged and kissed the girl and not let her out of the cupboard.

He was charged with indecent assault, and illegal imprisonment. After a lengthy trial the man was acquitted, and the judge criticized the police actions were highly criticized.

After the pronouncement of the acquittal, the man filed a lawsuit demanding compensation. The parties agreed that a lawsuit against a police officer, his relative, who also participated in the investigation, and against the «victim» will be rejected, but the state will assume the responsibility in the relationship with the plaintiff and will pay the compensation.

«Familiarization with the materials of the case the impression that we are not talking only about the failures and flaws in the investigation, but malicious acts, aimed at ensuring that convicted the innocent man», — stated in the verdict of the judge.

«Israel a-Yom»: the state will pay compensation to the man for a fabricated criminal case 25.10.2017

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