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Israel against the armistice in Syria. Review of Arab media

Published in the London newspaper «Al-Sharq al-Ausat» writes that Israel has allowed the Muslims to rise to the Haram al-Sharif. However, for this they will have to pass through metal detectors installed. The believers refused to comply with the requirements of the occupiers, which led to new conflicts.

The Agency Maan reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out against the truce in the South-West of Syria, made the USA, Russia and Jordan. The reason for this is the agreement enshrines Iran’s presence in the vicinity of Israel.

The Qatari channel «al Jazeera» quotes the publication of the Washington Post, according to which, the hacking of the website of the news Agency of Qatar was made by the United Arab Emirates. Sources in the us intelligence could not answer whether this was done directly or through contractors.

«Ash-shark al-Ausat» writes that the leadership of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, against the background of problems with the continued functioning of the headquarters in Qatar, have applied for opening an office in Algeria. According to this source, the Algerian authorities have not yet responded to the appeal of the leadership of Hamas.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reports that Hossein Fereydoon, the brother of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani, was arrested for financial abuse. The investigation was conducted over a long period, many of the defendants are already in prison. Judicial officials say he will be released on bail.

The website Gulf News talks about the scandal in the center of which was Emirates airline, which is considered one of the best in the world. One of the passengers took off, flight attendant pours back into the unfinished bottle of alcoholic beverage.

Israel against the armistice in Syria. Review of Arab media 17.07.2017

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