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Israel agreed to hand over for burial the body of terrorist murderers living in Jerusalem

Amid an ongoing debate about the inadmissibility of the meetings of the Knesset members with the relatives of terrorists, it became known that a compromise with the families of the ten eliminated terrorists living in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

As reported by Ynet, with these families reached an agreement, according to which the funeral will be held at night in the presence of a small number of relatives. Journalists elior levy and ROI Janowski write that the first funeral will be held nearest night.

It is, in particular, about the relatives of terrorists, who on October 13 last year, made an armed attack on civilians in the bus, followed by area and Armon-Nativ in Jerusalem – were killed 51-year-old Alon (Andrew) Govberg and 78-year-old Haim Haviv, 14 people were injured, and on October 27 he died one of the wounded 76-year-old Richard Leykin, and the relatives of the terrorist who on 13 October in the street Malkei Israel in Jerusalem killed a Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky and wounded four people.

Recall that the family of the slain terrorists whose bodies were not given for burial to accord with the terms of the compromise, tried to get support from Arab members of the Knesset and the Palestinian authority. Members of these families met with MPs from the Arab BALAD party, Hanin Zuabi and Jamal Zahalka and Basilam the Ratas, and later were adopted in Ramallah, the President of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas.

The fact of the meeting of the Knesset members with the relatives of terrorists caused indignation not only of the head of government and Ministers, but also politicians from the opposition. In this connection, initiated the bill, under which the MP can be dismissed for «inappropriate behavior».

Note that the rules for burial of the killed terrorists are already determined. The decision not to allow mass gatherings of people at these funerals, especially in the daytime due to safety reason. Particularly strict observance of these rules, the Israeli authorities requested for the territory of Jerusalem.

In a recent interview with the Minister of internal security, Ardan Gilad explained that he does not consider the refusal to deliver the bodies of terrorists for burial «deterrent», but stressed: «the Funeral became a source of incitement and unrest, a place where extol «martyrs» and urged them to go by… the Police formed a set of conditions: the funeral takes place at night, the family gives written consent to participate in the ceremony took 30-40 people and no more. And the permit is issued on the basis that previous funeral took place at observance of these conditions. So we manage to avoid many thousands of funerals, where glorify the terrorists. I’m not ready to see a similar one in Jerusalem.»

Israel agreed to hand over for burial the body of terrorist murderers living in Jerusalem 08.02.2016

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