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Israel and New Zealand resumed diplomatic relations

Israel and New Zealand have decided to restore diplomatic relations, severed in December 2016, when Wellington acted as one of the initiators of the anti-Semitic UN security Council resolution No. 2334.

On Tuesday, June 13, reported the press service of the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The press release stated that a few days ago had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Prime Minister of New Zealand bill English, the result of diplomatic contacts, which were led by the Director General of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Yuval Rotem and Deputy CEO for the Asia-Pacific region mark Sofer.

The result of the discussion was the letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand addressed to Prime Minister Netanyahu, which says: «the First and most important… I’m sorry about the damage caused by Israeli-new Zealand relations by the submission to the vote of the New Zealand resolution No. 2334 to the UN Security Council. We will welcome the return of the Ambassador of Israel in Wellington».

The press service said that after receiving a formal apology, Netanyahu decided to end the crisis and requested the Director-General of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Yuval Rotem to inform the New Zealand authorities about his decision to return Israel’s Ambassador Yitzhak Gerberg in Wellington.

Recall that in December last year, New Zealand has acted as one of initiators of the resolution of the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Resolution No. 2334, put to the vote New Zealand, Senegal, Malaysia and Venezuela and adopted on 23 December 2016 the UN security Council, condemns all Israeli settlement activity «the green line», that is, the construction in Judea and Samaria (in the text of the draft resolution «the West Bank of the Jordan river») and in the disputed territories in Jerusalem (the text «East Jerusalem»).

The draft resolution called on Israel to a full and immediate cessation of settlement activities «on occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem».

In addition, the resolution calls on all countries to make a distinction between Israel within the borders at the time of the July 4, 1967 and «occupied territories», but also denies the possibility to recognize any changes in these areas occurring after this date. The sponsors of this resolution otrasli to the «occupied territories» is not only Arab, but also many Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, which for so-called «green line» (among these are neighborhoods of Gilo, Ar Homa, Ramot, pisgat ze’ev, Talpiot and others). The Israeli authorities under the «East Jerusalem» mean only the Arab neighborhoods of the capital.

Anti-Israel resolution was approved with the support of 14 of the 15 countries included in the UN security Council. The US abstained from voting, not using the veto (for the first time since 1980). The adoption of this resolution the vote: China, France, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, New Zealand, Venezuela, Senegal, Angola and Uruguay.

In response, Israel recalled its Ambassador from New Zealand, and Netanyahu called the then foreign Minister Murray mcculley and called the move a «Declaration of war».

Israel and New Zealand resumed diplomatic relations

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