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Israel and South Korea begin joint creation of new UAV with vertical takeoff

This week it became known that concern «the Israeli aviation industry» (IAI) and the South Korean company Hankuk Carbon reached agreement on establishing a joint venture for the production and sale of unmanned aerial vehicles vertical take off and landing with a maximum takeoff weight of 200-300 kg, according to the specialized website

Both companies state the desire to create the world’s best drone of this type.

At this stage we are talking about UAV vertical takeoff and landing motors with lithium batteries and a gasoline engine with a payload of 6 kg and a flight time of up to 8 hours, able to work in a range of up to 130 kilometers, developing the maximum speed to 100 km/h In the future it is also planned joint development of a hybrid engine for this UAV, with the financial support of the Foundation of the Korea-Israel Industrial R&D.

By the end of 2018 IAI and Hankuk Carbon is calculated as well to produce a UAV capable of vertical takeoff and landing aboard a ship or boat.

An expert on unmanned aerial vehicles, editor in chief Denis Fedutinov informed the editors «In the Republic of Korea with the support of state agencies are working on the creation of multiple UAVs of different class and type. Speech, in particular, the UAV tactical class, which is the aerospace division of Korean Air. In mid-January of the current year it became known that the company was awarded a contract by the Ministry of defence for series production of this system. Also, some time ago it was suggested that the development of a MALE UAV-class, similar in dimensions to the American Reaper UAV. The customer of this work was made by the Agency DAPA and head developer is Korean Air. According to the initial plans, the project was to be implemented until 2016, but the information about the readiness of this system yet. Furthermore, it is known that in Korea has developed an unmanned tilt-rotor osprey. The project was undertaken Aerospace research Institute Korea (Korea Aerospace Research Institute – KARI). It was assumed that the system will be ready in 2012, and three years after that, will be mass-produced. However, apparently, at the moment, this development has not yet completed».

On the official website of IAI until about a joint project with the Koreans, there’s nothing in it.

To date, two known UAV vertical takeoff, developed by IAI. This mini helicopter «Tautua» (in translation into Russian – «Illusion», the English name Ghost – «Ghost») and an unmanned helicopter, «Malate», designed for takeoff and landing aboard the patrol boats.

Israel and South Korea begin joint creation of new UAV with vertical takeoff 02.02.2016

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