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Israel asks U.S. to step up military assistance

Next Monday, February 28, Israel must arrive Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. The main theme of the negotiations of the American military aid, Israel Defense reports.

According to this information, the Israeli side is interested in increasing aid. At the moment there is agreement from 2007, in which Israel annually received us $ 3.1 billion. Of this amount, 500 million dollars was spent on the purchase of Israeli arms producers and the rest to buy arms in the United States. In addition, outside the framework of the agreement on US aid funded seven of the nine batteries ABOUT the «Iron dome» and several other projects.

Israel wants to after the expiration of the contract in 2017 the United States has increased aid to 4-5 billion. This is due to the fact that on the background of the deal with Iran in the Middle East started to buy weapons, and Israel should also expand purchases to maintain superiority.

The Israeli army hopes, including the purchase of two to four squadrons of F-35 and the F-15, transport helicopters, refuelling aircraft and the convertiplane V-22. Another important purchase is a special bomb to destroy bunkers.

In Jerusalem I expect the current administration for electoral reasons will agree to comply with the request of Israel, despite not being the best relations between the White House and the current Israeli government.

Israel asks U.S. to step up military assistance 26.02.2016

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