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Israel concluded army games army-2017: «bronze» chefs

Saturday, August 12, completed III international Military games. This year the competitions were organized on the territory of five countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China.

In total, the program games 24 contest: Tank biathlon (among the tank crews), Suvorov onslaught (among the crews of BMP-2 and other similar military characteristics of combat vehicles), Sniper line (between sniper pairs), masters of reconnaissance (competition intelligence branches), Masters of artillery fire (artillery calculations), clear skies (competition between the calculations of anti-aircraft artillery and anti-aircraft missile units), Aviadarts (flight crews, air force), the Keys of heaven (between the calculations of anti-aircraft missile troops), Cup of sea (surface ships), Marines (competition marine units) Depth (including calculations of divers), Amphibious platoon (including airborne units), Elbrus race (between the soldiers of mountain units), Open water (including a pontoon-crossing units), a Safe route (including engineering divisions), Engineering (among crews engineering vehicles), Safe environment (among the crews of radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection), Faithful friend (among experts in the service dog), Gunsmith (among specialists in the repair of rocket and artillery weapons), Rembat (among the crews of tank technical support), the Master of tank-automotive equipment: (among the crews autotechnical), Field kitchen (food service specialists), Military medical relay (for soldiers in the military posts of nursing staff and Junior medical specialists).

In past years Israel has participated in these games as an observer. In 2017, the IDF first sent its team to the games. But it was not a military fighting units, their participation was problematic, as at Armi-2017 included such countries as Iran and Syria. The IDF sent its team of chefs.

In the competition «Field kitchen» Israeli army chefs lost to the hosts and their traditional allies – first place went to Russia, the second received the Belarusians. The Israelis have divided the third place with Azeris. The competition was attended by six teams (Iranians and Syrians was not among them).

Israeli army chefs have offered traditional Mediterranean cuisine: salads, falafel, roasted vegetables. Their culinary products tried the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The leader of the team classification at the army-2017, as in previous years, is Russia. The Russian military were named winners of the tank biathlon, a number of naval contests, in almost all contests, defenses, competitions, scouts etc. this year the competition in the team event was primarily Chinese. However, it should be noted that it is often won by the team representing the country that hosted the competition on its territory.

Israel concluded army games army-2017: «bronze» chefs 08.08.2017

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