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Israel declared a protest in connection with the visit of the Hamas delegation to Moscow

The Minister for the environment and for Jerusalem Affairs, Zeev Elkin during a routine visit to Moscow met with foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and expressed protest in connection with the fact that recently in the Russian capital hosted a delegation of the Hamas terrorist organization, writes the newspaper ha’aretz political commentator Barak Ravid.

Elkin confirmed edition that such a conversation took place. He explained that the protest was announced, primarily due to the fact that a delegation of Hamas was Salah al-Arouri, recently elected to the Politburo of the «Islamic resistance movement», but is known as one of the leaders of Hamas militants.

In an interview with the Israeli Minister Lavrov expressed surprise at how the man drove, Jordan, Turkey and Qatar, could obtain an invitation to Russia. According to Elkin, the head of the Russian foreign Ministry was surprised and promised to find out, as al-Aruri has received a Russian visa. Sergey Lavrov also assured the Minister Elkin that he did not know about opening of representative offices of Hamas in Moscow.

Recall that the Hamas delegation visited Moscow last week. It was headed by the first Deputy head of Hamas Politburo Musa Abu marzouk. The delegation was also Salah ar-Arouri (head of international relations Department of Hamas) and Husam Badran (spokesman for Hamas). The delegation arrived in the capital of Russia from Cairo, and her visit was announced by the Russian state media. The program of the visit and the list of officials to meet representatives of Hamas, were not published.

The Russian authorities do not recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization and not interfere with the activities of the emissaries of Hamas on the territory of the Russian Federation, despite the fact that among the victims of the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas militants, were Russian citizens. Representatives of the Palestinian terrorist organizations has never publicly apologized for what the actions of the militants were killed or injured citizens of the Russian Federation. The leadership of Russia in the summer of 2012 ignored «the Request for arrest of Hamas leaders and the investigation of their crimes against the citizens of Russia in Israel». Editorial have repeatedly appealed to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the state Duma of Russia with a request to clarify the position of Russian authorities on this issue. The response had not been received.

In February 2017 the Ambassador of Russia in Israel Alexander Shein in an interview with said: «you Know, these terrorist acts were not directed against Russian citizens. Of course, the occasional victim might be. Among them could be Russian tourists. But we have a legal system of recognition of a terrorist organization. If it is proved that the aim of the attack was that the Russian citizens, the Supreme court may decide on the recognition of such an organization terrorist».

Moscow continues to maintain regular contacts with the Hamas leadership at the level of the Russian foreign Ministry. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met with the leaders of this terrorist organization. Current Russian President Vladimir Putin has refrained from public personal contacts with representatives of Hamas.

Khaled Mashaal, for many years head of the political Bureau of Hamas, visited Moscow in March 2006, February 2007 and February 2010. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with Mashaal in Damascus in March 2008 and in may 2009, when he declared that supports «the continuity of relations» between Russia and Hamas.

2007-2011 Moscow was often visited by the representative of the leadership of Hamas, Osama Hamdan, who took part in several events in the Russian capital (in particular, in the presentation of the book by Alexander Prokhanov Hamas – praise the heroes», which was held in the Central house of writers in November 2008).

Note that Salah al-Aruri for the first time officially visited Moscow in September 2017.

Salah al-Arouri. Quick reference

Salah al-Arouri was born August 19, 1966 in the village of Arura (between Ramallah and Nablus). Was an active participant in the first intifada that began in 1987, joined the ranks of the «Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas). Considered the founder of the Department «Izaddina brigades of al-Qassam» military wing of Hamas in the West Bank.

In 1990 he was arrested and released in March 2007, but after a few months (22 June 2007) was again arrested and remained under administrative detention. The specific charges against al-Aruri was not presented.

On 17 March 2010 were released on condition that for three years I’ll go abroad. Al-Aruri, not having received permission to travel to Jordan, went to Syria, there soon moved his wife and children. After the outbreak of civil war in Syria, Salah al-Aruri moved to Turkey.

Actively participated in the preparation of the «Shalit deal», was the first representative of Hamas, who agreed to comment on the terms of this transaction to the Israeli media (al-Arouri is fluent in Hebrew). In December 2012, was part of the delegation of the political Bureau of Hamas, visited the Gaza strip.

The name of Salah al-Aruri was reiterated in the Israeli media in June 2014. He was named as one of the organizers of the kidnapping of three Israelis, the 16-year-old Gilad Shaera, 16 year old Naftali Frenkel and 19-year-old ifrah. In August, al-Arouri actually admitted that the kidnapping and murder of Israeli settlers was planned by Hamas leadership, however, later stated that the political leadership of the militants was not known.

After these events, Israel, using the influence of their overseas allies, has achieved the expulsion of al-Aruri first from Turkey, then Qatar.

Musa Abu Marzouk. Quick reference

Born in 1951, the year in Gaza, where he graduated from high school, then moved to Egypt and enrolled in Cairo University (graduated in 1977 and became a chartered engineer).

Until 1981, the year he worked in Egypt as a Manager at a factory. In 1981, the year he left for the USA where, in 1991, the year he defended his doctoral thesis in the field of industrial engineering.

In 1991, the year he was elected head of the Hamas political Bureau, held the post until 1995.

In 1992-1995 he lived in Jordan. Then he returned to the United States, and was arrested by us intelligence agencies immediately upon arrival at the airport of a name Kennedy.

In may 1997, was released and returned to Jordan, where he continued work in the Hamas leadership.

In 1999 year the government of the Hashemite Kingdom has banned the activities of Hamas in its territory, Abu marzouk was forced to leave Jordan. First he went to Yemen, received citizenship of that country, and then to Syria where he lived until 2013.

Despite the fact that in the United States Marzuco and was not charged with any specific allegations, in the lists of the FBI he is still one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world and is wanted by Israel’s secret service.

In the years 2002-2014 Abu marzouk played the role of one of the main focal points of the negotiations between Fatah and Hamas. In July-August 2014 was the head of the Hamas delegation at talks in Cairo on settling the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

In 2017 again ran for the post of head of the Hamas Politburo, but after the resignation of Khaled Mashaal this terrorist organization is headed by Ismail Haniyeh, a former leader of the «Islamic resistance movement» in Gaza.

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Israel declared a protest in connection with the visit of the Hamas delegation to Moscow 28.09.2017

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