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Israel goes to the eight-digit license plates

Monday, July 10, license plates of all new cars that will appear on the roads of Israel, there will be eight digit. Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said: «we are Talking about a large-scale project that have a direct and indirect impact on many aspects of the country.»

Eight-digit numbers will receive only new vehicles – private cars, buses and trucks. All other vehicles remain at their seven-digit numbers.

The Ministry of transport of Israel began preparing for transition to eight-digit numbers for more than four years ago. The Agency announced the planned change in institutions using databases with registration numbers. Innovation affects the operation of state institutions, the police, the IDF, local authorities, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Every year on the roads of the country there are about 250 thousand new vehicles. According to the Ministry of transport, the remaining seven-digit numbers will last for several months. According to the calculations of the transport Ministry, the eight-digit registration numbers will be enough for at least the next 50 years.

Until 1961 all vehicles in the country was assigned a three-digit, four-digit and five-digit license plates. After 1961 began issuing six-digit numbers. Since 1980, Israel went on a seven-digit number, with the last two digits indicated the year of manufacture of the vehicle.

Israel goes to the eight-digit license plates 09.07.2017

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