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Israel has demanded from Poland to revise the law on restitution

Thursday, October 26, the Israeli foreign Ministry sent to the Ambassador of Poland in tel Aviv a letter denouncing the Warsaw attempts to limit restitution claims of persons from survivors of the Holocaust.

On 20 October, the Polish government has published a bill that would seek compensation for the Nazis confiscated the property only of the current Polish citizens or heirs of the first stage of the original owners. Moreover, the legislature proposed to reduce significantly the size of compensation, which should not be more than 20% of the cost of the lost property.

Jewish organizations in Europe have already announced that the law makes impossible claims, as most Polish Jews were either murdered in the Holocaust or fled the country after the war.

World organization for the return of Jewish property (WJRO) also expressed deep disappointment by the Polish law. Representatives of the WJRO, said that the point of the current citizenship is «discriminatory».

In a letter sent by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel, Ambassador of Poland Jacek Jodorowsky’s, said about the inadmissibility of «to compare the Holocaust with any other group of citizens.»

«The Israeli government is demanding that Poland has revised the bill to make it more fair to survivors of the Holocaust», — said in the letter, which is quoted by TV channel i24.

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Israel has demanded from Poland to revise the law on restitution 27.10.2017

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