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Israel has had to explain to the UN security Council over the sale of gold in North Korea

The Israeli tax authority acknowledged that in recent years Israel has placed the DPRK gold in the amount of 400 thousand dollars in violation of the embargo imposed by the UN in 2006.

This information became known during the meeting of the economic Committee of the Knesset, which discussed the decree on imports and exports, regulate trade with North Korea.

The decree is intended to control the list of goods supplied to North Korea, in accordance with the resolution of the UN security Council. After its approval for trade with the DPRK importers and exporters will have to obtain a special license.

During the discussion, Commission Chairman Eitan cabel demanded that the government data on trade with North Korea after the imposition of the embargo.

Director of tax administration David Khoury was forced to respond that North Korea had shipped illegal goods (gold), and that Israel was forced to give explanations on the matter to the UN security Council.

In addition to gold, according to Khoury, in the DPRK are only supplied to dental implants and books. This statement contradicts the information published on the website of the Central Bureau of statistics.

As reported NEWSru Israel in March of this year, in 2011, North Korea has bought from Israel irrigation tube ($61.000) and printers ($5.000), in 2012 – batch organic chemicals ($59.000), insecticides ($311.000), wood products ($6.000), aluminum waste ($60.000) and ballpoint pens ($1.000), and in 2013 – bullion gold ($347.000) and metal wand ($3.000).

Previously published information for 2010, when Israel has put the DPRK on 222 thousands of dollars of antifungal chemicals and 300 thousand dollars of pesticides, 42,6 ton fishing line at 195 thousand dollars, 42 tons of polyamides by 148 thousand dollars. Also in the DPRK were put fruit juices in 9 thousand dollars, wine for 2 thousand dollars, inorganic chemicals 45 thousand dollars, organic chemicals (three trades at 95 thousand dollars), rubber bands for 9 thousand dollars.

Israel has had to explain to the UN security Council over the sale of gold in North Korea 10.12.2015

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