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Israel has signaled that it will strike at targets in Syria, despite the agreement of the Russian Federation and the United States

On Sunday, November 12, the Israeli leadership has made it clear that the IDF will continue to strike targets in Syria, close to the Israeli border, despite a cease-fire, agreed between the United States and Russia, reports Reuters.

Nothing new in this position there is: the Israeli authorities have repeatedly stressed that the IDF will do everything possible to ensure the security of the Jewish state, including in Syria and will not allow strengthening the presence of Iran and Hezbollah on the Northern borders.

On Sunday, opening the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: «I know that in these moments there are those who amuse themselves with thoughts about possible terrorist attacks and sabotage against Israelis. I want to warn them: our response will be severe, no matter what area it is. We will have struck a heavy blow to anyone who tries to strike us.» This statement was obviously respond not only to threats by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, but also related to the situation on the border with Syria and Lebanon.

Political commentator Amos Harel said on 13 November in the newspaper «Haaretz» that Israel did not officially comment on the agreement between Russia, the U.S. and Jordan on the ceasefire in the South of Syria. Under this agreement, the forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps and the Shiite militias, acting on the orders of Tehran, will have to leave the territory of Syria. However, the agreement does not specify the timing of implementation, and the secret arrangements between the parties guarantee at this stage is that the Iranians and the militias will go a relatively short distance from the border with Israel on the Golan heights. Security of Israel is concerned about this fact, and the fact that powers are not yet ready to take real action in order to drive out the Iranians from Syria.

January 12, correspondent to the 10-th channel ITV Barak Ravid tweeted that the United States, Russia and Jordan signed the final agreement on the ceasefire in the South of Syria, in which the planned establishment of a buffer zone on the border between Syria and Israel. In this publication it was also said that the agreement includes a paragraph under which the US, Russia and Jordan undertake to remove all Iranian forces from the region.

Israel has signaled that it will strike at targets in Syria, despite the agreement of the Russian Federation and the United States 13.11.2017

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