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Israel has warned that it may introduce a visa regime for Mongolian influx of «refugees»

The Ministry of internal Affairs warned about the possible introduction of a visa regime for citizens of Mongolia after the office of the population register and migration registered a sharp increase in the number of tourists from that country with a request for refugee status.

As the portal ynet, since the beginning of this year, arrived in Israel about 190 tourists from Mongolia, which is a common indicator. However, in June the Mongolian tourists have begun to seek refugee status.

At the moment there are about 50 of 190 tourists have filed similar claims, arguing that subject to persecution in their homeland, as supporters of the opposition party.

A journalist, «Yediot Ahronot» Itamar Eichner writes that all «refugees» obviously well prepared, and that the vast majority of applications filed via the lawyer who represents the interests of the mass of «refugees» from Georgia and Ukraine.

It should be noted that, by law, a person cannot be expelled from the country before consideration of the submitted applications for refugee status. Given the strong utilization management of the population register, the review can take months, during which the refugee may work in Israel.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri ordered management to take measures to curb this phenomenon, «before in Israel, thousands of Mongols».

Recall that on February 26 this year, the office of population registration and migration announced changes to the rules for consideration of requests from tourists from Georgia on granting the status of refugee.

The management came to the conclusion that a large number of requests for refugee status submitted by citizens of Georgia, not due to the situation in the homeland and the desire of tourists to get a work permit in Israel. Requests for status are served in the first days after arrival.

The audit, conducted by the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the conclusion was made about the security situation in Georgia that allows its citizens to safely return home.

In this regard, the registration Office, the population and migration stopped taking requests for refugee status from citizens of Georgia until the expiration of their tourist visa.

According to the interior Ministry, in 2016 year, there were 15,000 requests for refugee status. Most requests were received from citizens of Ukraine, Georgia and Eritrea.

Israel has warned that it may introduce a visa regime for Mongolian influx of «refugees» 19.07.2017

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