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Israel intends to involve the construction of 30 thousand Palestinian workers

Chairman of the government staff to solve the housing problem Avigdor Itzhaki said on 23 February that the government intends to issue about 30 thousand Palestinian builders to work in Israel in order to speed up the construction.

In interview to the program «and Tsewang-Kesef» on the radio «Sieves Beth» Avigdor Itzhaki said that in total, in the construction of Israel will be working 45.000 residents of the Palestinian authority.

He noted that the situation in the housing market remains dire. The government faced difficulties in the importation of workers from China and Eastern Europe, and therefore the choice was made in favour of workers from the Palestinian authority.

According to Avigdor Itzhaki, until the end of 2016 in the framework of the program «mehiri Le mistaken» («price for new settlers») will be sold 70 thousand apartments.

At the beginning of the month, ha’aretz reported that the military-political Cabinet of the government approved raising the quota of Palestinian workers who receive work permits in Israel, with 58 thousand to 88 thousand people. New Palestinian workers will be allowed to work on construction sites, in industry, agriculture and services sector. Those wishing to obtain permission to work in Israel will be checked by the General security service (SHABAK).

Israel intends to involve the construction of 30 thousand Palestinian workers 23.02.2016

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