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Israel is trying to return from Guatemala the members of the sect, «the lion, tahor»

Once in Guatemala, drowned by the head of the sect, «the lion, Thor», the Ministry of social Affairs is trying to convince its members to return to Israel. This is the website «Mako».

According to the Ministry, the sect consists of 50 to 60 families of Israelis, including about 150 children. Israel provides these families with financial assistance allocated to the citizens of the country, returning after a long absence and additional help.

The amount of «basket», which is offered by the Ministry of social welfare of the members of the sect, estimated at 150 thousand shekels per family. This amount includes the cost of tickets, medical insurance for children, which will take effect from the first day back. The state also promises the members of the sect throughout the year to help in the payment of rent, to provide children with places in educational institutions, as well as to pay for the services of a therapist.

Cult leader Shlomo Helbrans in the mid-80s ushered in a Jerusalem yeshiva, «the lion, tahor» – despite the lack of status of Rabbi. In 1990, the year when Israeli intelligence learned about the connection Helbrans with the Islamic movement, he, along with twenty followers fled to the United States. In 1994, the year of Helbrans was sentenced in U.S. court to two years in prison for kidnapping Shai Fima, whose parents sent the child to Helbrans training before bar-mitzvah.

After his release from prison Helbrans sect moved to Canada, and the canadian social services began to receive information from the left sect of people who told about abuse of the zealots with children. After the start of the investigation the members of the sectors moved to Guatemala.

About two weeks ago, the media in Latin America reported that 55-year-old Shlomo Helbrans drowned in the river during the ritual ablution.

Israel is trying to return from Guatemala the members of the sect, «the lion, tahor» 25.07.2017

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