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Israel may purchase U.S. military aircraft-tanker KC-46

The US administration has lifted restrictions on the supply to Israel of military aircraft-tanker and strategic transport aircraft Boeing KC-46, based on the Boeing 767.

According to the website in the coming months, the Israelis and the Americans should agree a contract about possible deliveries of these aircraft for the air force of the IDF. In parallel we also consider the possibility of the purchase of the fifth generation fighter F-35.

Earlier this week, the newspaper Haaretz wrote about the significant gap between the White house and the Israeli government on the amount of American military aid. According to the publication columnist «Haaretz» Barak Ravid, during the last round of talks, held in Israel last week, the American side proposes to increase the amount of aid to $ 400 million per year, while the Israeli side is counting on the increase in the amount of 1-2 billion dollars per year.

Recall that the current ten-year agreement under which Israel receives $ 3 billion a year, expires at the end of 2018.

At the end of 2015, the parties began negotiations on a new agreement, however, currently no progress in the negotiations is not observed.

Last week it was reported that the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu does not intend to hurry with the signing of the agreement, not excluding the possibility that the next American President Israel will be able to get more. Was also published the response of the White house, according to which the Obama administration recommends that you sign the agreement soon, because to expect an improvement in conditions after the change of President Netanyahu is not worth it.

In particular, with reference to participating in the negotiations sources of Ravid reports that in the U.S. blamed Israel for the nomination are way too high requirements in the field of supply of ammunition for combat aircraft.

Apparently, the decision is postponed for March-April, when Washington will visit the first Israeli defence Minister Moshe ya’alon, then – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel may purchase U.S. military aircraft-tanker KC-46 16.02.2016

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