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«Israel Power»: without electricity there are eight thousand housing units

On the morning of Tuesday, October 27, from Electric company «Israel Power» reported that eight thousand housing units are still without electricity.

At the moment there is no estimated time of Troubleshooting. The company also conveyed that during the night brigade «Israel Power» were employed mainly Troubleshooting in RA’anana, Netanya and other towns of the County Sharon.

In the morning of 26 October, the press service of the Electric company (the»Israel Power») issued a statement that all the faults that led to problems with the power supply, will be removed before noon.

The heads of local councils has turned to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu demanding to investigate the Electric company to eliminate the effects of autumn storms.

Under the letter, according to channel 10 ITV, was signed by the heads of municipalities of RA’ananna and Kfar Saba. «We demand to form a government Commission that will examine the actions of the «Israel Power»,» the letter reads. Mayors emphasize that in the last days was terminated the provision of basic services to tens of thousands of Israelis, and it needs to be tested.

The heads of local authorities also indicated that «in the last days has been undermined public confidence in state institutions».

According to the economy Minister Arye Deri, the inhabitants of the country became hostages of a disagreement between the employees of the «Israel Power» and leadership of the company.

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said that «after the issues will be fully resolved, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident».

According to Steinitz, «it is necessary to promote reforms in the electricity sector and the company itself, but also to adopt a law on compulsory arbitration.» According to the Minister, «such a law should prevent strikes by emergency services. In particular, we are talking about systems that are responsible for providing citizens with electricity, water, rescue and medical services, and fire protection.

«Israel Power»: without electricity there are eight thousand housing units 27.10.2015

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