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Israel strengthens Jordanian border, fearing ISIS attacks

Israeli security forces take action against possible terrorist attempts on the Jordanian border in mind intensify in the middle East of militants of the terrorist organization «Islamic state».

Still the likelihood of a terrorist attack at the Jordanian border was significantly lower than the chances of a similar incident at a Lebanese, Egyptian or Syrian border. But in view of the General unstable situation in the region, the security forces are taking additional measures, according to Yochai ofer on the website NRG.

In particular, in the framework of these measures in human settlements located near the Jordanian border, were replaced responsible for the safety and special teams for rapid response and distributed weapons. Audited warehouses of equipment in case of emergencies. In addition, they cleaned the barrier at the border.

The Israeli military believes that in the interest of Jordan to prevent terrorist attacks and to avoid the proliferation on its territory of supporters of the IG. However, many refugees who have arrived in this Kingdom from the combat zone, creating a new threat to the stability of Jordan.

Israel strengthens Jordanian border, fearing ISIS attacks 05.02.2016

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