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Israel threatens to expel UN official, speaking with the anti-Israeli statements

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel has sent a sharp letter to the UN with the requirement to change regional coordinator to OCHA (the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs).

According to the portal Walla, in a statement foreign Ministry said that a series of anti-Israel statements made by Australian Robert Piper, go beyond the mandate of the UN official and make it impossible for its further stay on this post.

On approval of the Walla portal, Israel warned officially instance in the UN that if the Piper is not replaced by another official of the organization, his visa may be cancelled. Authorities said it will stop all cooperation with the Australian, which will deal a severe blow to the activities of organizations providing humanitarian assistance.

Piper, who is in his position for more than two years, published last week a statement devoted to what he called «50 years of Israeli occupation.» Among other things, the UN official wrote: «the Occupation is disgusting. Life under the military regime that had prevailed for decades, breeds despair, stifled any initiative and leaves a generation of young people in a situation where they have neither their state nor normal economy».

Previously Piper published a statement in which he accused Israel of obstructing the work of humanitarian organizations in the territory «occupied West Bank».

Piper is also accused Israel that he, under various pretexts, is delaying the reconstruction of the Gaza strip after operation protective edge.

The headquarters of the UN has not commented on this information.

Israel threatens to expel UN official, speaking with the anti-Israeli statements 14.06.2017

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