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Israel will help the Houston and Papua New Guinea

The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs has initiated the allocation of the Jewish community of Houston $ 1 million to help in the reconstruction of community facilities, seriously affected by the hurricane flood.

The initiative will be presented to the government for approval at the next meeting. The funds will be allocated through the Consulate of Israel.

Houston is home to a 60-strong Jewish community, 70% of whose members live in the flooded areas. Among other things, seriously damaged synagogues, nursing homes, community centers, schools and kindergartens of the community.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of foreign Affairs signed a joint Declaration of intent with the Australian organization YWAM Medical Ships to provide medical assistance to residents of Papua New Guinea.

Under the agreement, Israel will assist in the delivery of medicines, training of medical personnel and building medical centers.

In addition, Israel will encourage doctors and nurses to participate in the work of YWAM Medical Ships as volunteers.

Israel will help the Houston and Papua New Guinea 05.09.2017

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