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Israeli antifungal attracted attention from leading dermatologists of the world

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In tel Aviv hosted the second international Symposium of dermatologists, pediatricians and podiatrists Medicly. Leading dermatologists dealing with the problem of athlete’s foot — fungal infection — were presented the results of clinical trials laser Cure-EX. This new generation device, developed by Israeli doctors, eliminates fungus without painful procedures and medications.

Despite the fact that about the pandemic fungus talk is not accepted, a fungal infection affecting the immune system, affects about 20% of the population of the planet. Get infected by fungus is very simple. Favorable conditions for the spread of the fungus creates the heat and humidity, tight shoes, bad manicure or pedicure, small cracks and scratches on the skin. Fungus «loves» swimming pools, saunas, beaches and other public places. If one of the family members picked up the fungus, it is likely that soon the suspicious spots on the nails and find his family, because this «clingy» the infection is easily transferred through shared towels or door handles.

To get the same from fungal infection extremely difficult. The most radical way is to remove the infected nail. However, experiencing the understandable fear of surgery, most patients prefer to solve the problem is not surgical, and therapeutic way. In modern pharmacology there is a huge amount of anti-fungal ointments, lacquers, and sprays. Most of them are not suffering from fungus brings expected relief. Besides, immunity to the fungus is not produced, and that means getting rid of the disease, you can catch it again the very next day. As regards pharmaceutical preparations available to the physicians and intended for the treatment of athlete’s foot, almost all of them are toxic to the liver. That is why the Israeli antifungal Cure device-EX attracted to the Symposium everyone’s attention.

Clinical studies conducted under the direction of Professor Avner Chimera, specialist in skin diseases hospital «Sheba» medical center tel-Hashomer, confirmed the high efficiency of the device. For the period of studies in 37.2% of patients nail infection was stopped and healthy nails have grown a few millimeters; 44.19% — healthy nails have grown more than 5 mm; 26% of patients completely got rid of nail infection. Thus, 81.39% patients noted full recovery of the damaged nail plate or a significant improvement in its appearance. This is a very high percentage, especially considering that the Professor Semirom the study was limited by time, whereas treatment of chronic fungus must be longer than average clinical trials.

The laser Cure-EX similar to small high-tech «clothes pin», allows you to carry out the procedure at home, by yourself, at any time. You just push the button and put your finger to the affected nail in a «clothespin». Painless procedure it takes just 7 minutes then the unit automatically turns off. To carry out such sessions 2-3 times a day. After 4 weeks you will see the first result.

The order and consultation on phone 077-2190042 or on the website.

Israeli antifungal attracted attention from leading dermatologists of the world 01.02.2016

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