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Israeli company Meteor Aerospace introduced its first UAV Impact

This week’s special website has published the first photo of the new unmanned plane Impact created by the Israeli company Meteor Aerospace.

The company in 2013, was founded by Yitzhak Nissan, who worked for many years in leadership positions in the concern «the Israeli aviation industry» (IAI), together with the businessman hezi Bezalel.

Description Flight Global UAV Impact belongs to the class of medium-altitude, is on Board payload weighing up to 150 kg and is able to stay in the air without landing up to 24 hours. It is equipped with a fuel-injected engine produces around 100 HP and has an unusual design representing a «high wing» (a device with highly located in relation to the fuselage the wing) with a pusher propeller. The horizontal tail is located in Kiel.

An expert on unmanned aerial vehicles, editor in chief Denis Fedutinov in comments to Russian news Agency Rambler says: «since founding the company several years Aerospace Meteor kept in the background, not participating in exhibitions and other public events. It was obvious from the desire of the Meteor to deal with unmanned vehicles average dimension, the so-called MALE class. First, it is quite a promising niche – the drones of this dimension is brought, and bring, perhaps, the greatest dividends to Israeli developers. Secondly, in my previous job in IAI, Itzhak Nissan, for sure, as few others, knows the market, potential customers, and strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.»

Fedutinov noted that, in addition to the drone, Impact, Meteor, is developing two UAV: one smaller dimension than the Impact, and the other larger. In addition, the company is engaged in the development of ground-based robotic systems, unmanned boats, and precision weapons systems. According to the management of the company Meteor Aerospace, the firm already has a portfolio of orders for drones and other Impact of system of about $100 million, the volume of the options is estimated around $150 million.

Israeli company Meteor Aerospace introduced its first UAV Impact 02.02.2016

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