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Israeli courts: 300 cases on the judge, 520 cases that are over 7 years old

Newspaper published in The Marker on Sunday, February 14, statistics showing overloading of the Israeli judicial system.

According to the newspaper, currently in Israeli courts go about 120 trials started ten or more years ago.

Age another 400 cases varies from 7 to 10 years. About 1,100 process last for more than 5 years and about 2,000 over 4 years.

In total, as of September 2015 in six Israeli district courts served approximately 180 judges, which accounted for approximately 53 thousand cases, which is approximately 300 cases per judge.

It should be noted that most of the 120 cases lasting for over a decade, belong to two categories: cases involving lawsuits against the Palestinian authority filed by victims of terrorist attacks, and cases involving the collapse of a floor in a hall of celebrations «Versailles» in 2004, in which 23 people were killed and about 100 people were injured. In some cases, a long delay caused by the resignation of judge mid-trial and the need to give another judge time to delve into the matter.

Dry statistics shows that in each district court there is a judge, who is in charge of over 1.000 cases. So, judge Joseph Ben-Chemo in the district court of Nazareth, is considering 4.329 cases, judge Yaakov Persky and Ariel Hazak of the district court in beer Sheva consider, respectively, and 2.490 2.531 Affairs, judge Irit Cohen of the Jerusalem district court – 1.933 case, judge Ricky Shmulevich (district court in Lod) – 1647 Affairs, judge iris Lusha-Aboodi of the tel Aviv district court – 1.028 Affairs.

However, in the management of the courts stress that in this case you cannot limit the study of statistics, because you cannot compare simple bankruptcy case with heavy criminal process. About 58% of the caseload in the district courts are the bankruptcy. They usually involved one or two judges. Process in such cases takes very little time, but it stretched for several time points between which can take years. All this time the case is considered open.

Among the judges, not involved in bankruptcies, the number of open cases ranged from 518 to zero, because some judges do not do business alone, working only in the composition of the panels dealing with serious crimes.

Israeli courts: 300 cases on the judge, 520 cases that are over 7 years old 14.02.2016

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