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Israeli defense Ministry submitted a fighting machine «Carmel» and the future of unmanned equipment

This week, Israel’s defense Ministry unveiled a video about the latest domestic developments that are planned in the foreseeable future to adopt the IDF.

Special attention was paid to different versions of combat land vehicles «Carmel», which is shown in the demo movie. We are talking about compact and lightweight infantry fighting vehicles with a crew of 2-3 people, optimized for fighting in urban conditions or on rough terrain at any time of the day, with a hybrid power plant (accumulators can for a long time to feed the electronic system is disabled when the main engine). The car will be equipped with active protection system of new generation and protected from possible cyber attacks. Special attention is paid to the possibility of warfare at the same time a group of crews, where each BMP can provide protection for other machines. Manage fighting machine «Carmel» is the most automated and will be using a large touch panel that allows you to see what is happening on the battlefield. The development of «Carmel» by the companies, Rafael, Elbit Systems and IAI.

Autonomous submarine «Citron» (in Hebrew the name of tropical fish-angel) for secret missions, is equipped with an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

Compact Autonomous submarine for reconnaissance and cartographic missions, developed in cooperation with the University of Ben-Gurion. Different ability of fast and almost vertical dip.

Unmanned land vehicles class RoBattle, Guardium, Hauling, Sahar, RoboCon and REX Field Porter for the execution of combat missions, patrolling, mine clearance and escort. The development of Robotic Systems/IAI.

Quadcopter unmanned cargo Yasuron Green (Aeronautics), which can be adopted in the near future.

Israeli defense Ministry submitted a fighting machine «Carmel» and the future of unmanned equipment 07.09.2017

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