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Israeli hospital has created an «electronic doctor» for anyone who wants to lose weight

Anyone who has ever in your life set out to lose weight, knows that this task requires a lot of time and effort: exercise, special diet, adherence of the day. However, there are situations when, despite the exercise, great diet, Hiking and healthy sleep, a person cannot get rid of excess weight, and one or two pounds, dropped by heroic efforts, quickly returning.

The cause of obesity is not always directly dependent on insufficient physical activity and excessive consumption of sugar. In particular, according to statistics, more than half of Israelis are overweight, however, the ranking of physical activity published by researchers at Stanford University, honorary Israel is in 25th place among 111 countries of the world.

Meanwhile, the presence of excess weight is a risk factor, if not causing the disease, creating a favorable environment for the development of various diseases, including cancer. In 80% of patients who are overweight, revealed changes in the cardiovascular system, primarily the increase in blood pressure. Among patients with the first (lowest) degree of obesity, atherosclerosis occurs every third. Excess weight is often accompanied by chronic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, diabetes (more than 70% of patients with diabetes are obese), kidney damage, pneumonia. Affects the nervous system of patients, which is manifested in sleep disturbance, increased appetite, thirst, autonomic disorders.
According to recent studies, the life expectancy of people suffering from obesity, less on average for 7-10 years.

Israeli hospital Call4Life («Calpoly») providing remote medical services has patented an innovative solution to the problem of excess weight. The technique, developed Call4Life, allows you to establish the causes of excess weight, to identify diseases caused by obesity, but also – and this is most important for the patient to develop a detailed recommendation for getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.

The methodology consists of three main steps: screening test, the initial consultation with artificial intelligence and video consultations dietitian.

A screening test is, in fact, the most democratic and public of the types of dispanserization in which the patient is at home, at the computer, and completes a questionnaire that is designed to ensure early and accurate detection of diseases. The screening test Call4Life «taking Care of tomorrow» that defines the causes of obesity, compiled by the physicians and nutritionists of the clinic in accordance with the recommendations of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality»s USA and the European Association of nutritionists and gastroenterologists. Among the questions of this test are, for example: «do you have vision problems?», «do you Wake up during the night because of thirst?», «how many hours a night do you sleep?»

Completing the questionnaire takes about twenty minutes.

The second step, the conversation with artificial intelligence (Machine Intelligence Medical, MMI), is an initial consultation with the «electronic doctor», is based on years of experience of dietitians in different countries. This «robot doctor», asking the patient questions, do not forget and will not miss that virtually eliminates the possibility of «medical error» at this stage. In addition, during the initial consultation, the patient is psychologically comfortable to answer awkward questions in an interview with the MMI than sitting face to face with the doctor.

Summarizing the results of a screening test and consultation, «electronic doctor» will give a patient an individual advice on conducting the necessary research at the place of residence. These studies will help to identify diseases caused by obesity, or who became his cause. Because Call4Life provides innovative healthcare services E-health to all who need it, without adjusting for country of residence, citizenship or language, something to pass the screening test and to advice the MMI in your native language can a patient living not only in Israel but in any country of the world. «Electronic doctor» gives the patient advice on healthy eating.

After receiving the results of the research recommended by the MMI, the patient will be able to book video consultations with a doctor who will develop a detailed treatment plan identified problems and make individual recommendations on nutrition.

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Israeli hospital has created an «electronic doctor» for anyone who wants to lose weight 25.09.2017

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