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Israeli politicians about the future of Netanyahu. Comments

Sunday, August 6, editorial appealed to many politicians with a request to Express an opinion about the situation on the background of the publications on the investigations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Their opinion expressed as representatives of the Likud and other coalition parties and the opposition in the Knesset. Some politicians agreed to answer questions from our editorial team, others have sent us texts of the official review. Some of the party declared that at this stage not comment on this topic.

Comments from representatives of Likud

The Minister for transport and exploration Yisrael Katz said: «we Must let Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to carry out its work on the basis of the mandate it received from citizens. In the state of the law and in a democratic social system, from the position of Prime Minister is not excluded on the basis of a headline in the media, and after demonstrations or sketchy information about the investigation. I put my trust in the Prime Minister and wish him to the impending «storm clouds» were dispelled as soon as possible. I’m sure the law enforcement system will perform their work in a professional manner and responsibly. This will allow the state of Israel and continue to function properly and to cope with the challenges it challenging objectives.»

Knesset member Yehuda Glick said in an interview with that at the moment there is no question of resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. «If the Prime Minister can continue work, it needs to do, no formal and informal reasons for the Prime Minister left office,» said Glick. According to him, the situation will change in the case of the filing of the charges: «I do one thing, if the Prime Minister will be indicted in bribery, he should resign. In the case of other charges, such as betrayal of public trust, for example, will need to carefully examine the indictment and decide in accordance with the gravity of the charges. But we are still far from this moment.» The MP refused to answer the question, does the Prime Minister support in his party: «Before the onset of Shabbat I sent him a message that wished me strength and perseverance. I support him and don’t want to speak on behalf of others.»

From the environment of the Deputy of the Amir Potection (Likud) passed: «Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, like any citizen, has the right to the presumption of innocence. The Prime Minister is innocent until, until proven otherwise. Questions of guilt and innocence should be decided in a fair trial in court, not in Facebook, Twitter and in the media. Despite the fact that there are willing to begin now to install the gallows for the Prime Minister, I would tell them to hurry.»

A source in the Likud, close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an interview with criticized the MPs and Ministers abstaining from appearances in the media in support of the Prime Minister. «They are cowards, but not only that they are cowards, it is in vain, – said our interlocutor. – They fear that if in the end Netanyahu will be indicted, their statements in support of it will stain them. Nonsense. How can stain a person’s the fact that he recalled the existence of the presumption of innocence? Today left a rally under the slogan: «Netanyahu is guilty until, until proven otherwise. And those of likudniks who do not speak to the media, who provide support to the head of the government, give legitimacy to this outrageous approach»». According to the source, Netanyahu is not planning early elections: «In any case, the consequence will last more than one week, and possibly for several months. Then the Prosecutor’s office and legal adviser to the government will require more than one month to study all the material. Then lawyers should be able to see every record of the hearing. It will take many months. Therefore it is early to speak about early elections».

Comments from other members of the ruling coalition

The Minister of education and head of the party «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett expressed support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. «Israel needs stability, and we support the government of national camp mi convinced of the need to continue its work, – said in a statement released by the press service of the head of the «Bayt Yehudi». Prime Minister has the right to the presumption of innocence, and I hope that the investigation ends without the filing of the indictment. I fully trust the law enforcement bodies of the country, as well as legal adviser to the government, and believe in their ability not to succumb to political pressure and excessive demonstration.» Bennett added: «the Right of the national government needs to strengthen the security of the country, and we will continue to go this way until the elections, which we hope will be in time».

Knesset member Bezalel Smotrich («Bayt Yehudi») said in an interview with «the Prime Minister not only can, but must continue to perform his duties despite the investigation. We live in the state of the law. In the 18th paragraph of the Basic law of the government clearly stipulates that the Prime Minister should leave his post only in case if the court will make him a guilty verdict. Care now the Prime Minister from the stage will be targeted killings policy. It will be clear that the way to get rid of the head of the government: several media reports, a few testimonies to the police, and everything is ready.» The Deputy Smotrich added that in the case of an indictment, Netanyahu should resign: «If we were talking about serious crimes such as murder or rape, would have been obvious that the Prime Minister should resign, but what we see today is a completely different situation. The head of government can and must remain at his post». Bezalel Smotrich added that a similar position he held and when it was about Ehud Olmert. «I believed and said that the preliminary evidence Talansky is outrageous, unjustified step that led to the elimination of Olmert as a political figure. At the same time, please note that the first sentence Olmert was exculpatory, and the Prime Minister, he was not. Is this normal? So maybe in a democratic society?» The Deputy Smotrich noted that his position is not politically motivated. «I’m not a supporter of Netanyahu, I am not happy that he is at the head of the government, and I’d really like to replace it with someone else. But this is not due to the fact that we are witnessing the attempt to eliminate politics without obvious evidence of his guilt.»

In the leadership of the party «Israel Our home» and «Kulanu» edition said that while comments on this topic will not be given.

Comments of the opposition

The head of the MERETZ zaava galon said in response to the address of editorial «I urge Prime Minister Netanyahu suspected of bribery and betrayal of public trust, to resign before the completion of the proceedings in his cases. Netanyahu should do what he rightly demanded that former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert when he said that the Prime Minister, steeped in the investigation could not be the leader of the country, as there is a danger that he will make decisions based on personal interests, affected by corruption, rather than the interests of the country.» Knesset member galon added: «MPs who continue to support the Prime Minister and take on the role of his armor, claiming that we are talking about hunting with the goal of regime change in the country, responsible for the expansion of democratic norms of the state.»

Knesset member Yossi Yonah («the Zionist camp») said in an interview with «the requirements of public hygiene oblige Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. We are talking about too many cases of suspicion, as well as confidants of the Prime Minister, in respect of which are suspected of committing serious offenses. The Prime Minister is not obliged to resign from a formal point of view, but he must follow what he demanded in 2008 by Ehud Olmert… Now we are not talking about any kind of rumors or initial suspicion. Investigations are moving close to Netanyahu become state witnesses. In this situation, it seems to me that the Prime Minister will act smarter if you say that passes the torch to the next.»

Knesset member Micky Rosenthal («Zionist camp») written over the weekend in his account in social network Facebook: «the Prime Minister should announce that he is temporarily unable to perform the duties of the head of the government. No man in the world who would be able to function normally under such a burden of investigation. The Prime Minister suspect of corruption and betrayal of public trust, can easily become the object of blackmail. The offences in question apply not only to public aesthetics and compliance of the law, but raise questions about the extent to which the Prime Minister committed to the interests of the state. All of this requires Netanyahu to at least temporarily relinquish the duties of head of government.»

Knesset member Elazar stern («Yesh Atid») said in an interview with that Netanyahu can keep his job until the day when he would be charged. «I know that by law he should not resign before the end of the court, but in practice it will not be able to continue to run the country, at that time, as all his thoughts will be occupied by the indictment, said stern. – Pay attention to the fact that his situation is heavier than that, which was Ehud Olmert, when he took the decision to resign. He left his post when the allegations have not been, when there was only a recommendation of the police. If Olmert had gone then, it is obvious that Netanyahu will have to leave in the case of the indictment. Incidentally, in the case of Olmert, it was about crimes committed before he became Prime Minister. In the case of Netanyahu we’re talking about actions committed in the office of the Prime Minister.» Knesset member stern added: «the Investigation of offences committed in the residence of the Prime Minister, also have to it most relevant, but we’re not talking. But when it comes to corruption and betrayal of public trust by the Premier, obviously, it will not be able to keep his job». He added: «the Current situation on the one hand sad, but on the other hand, is proof of mental health of our law enforcement system». Answering the question about the political situation in connection with the investigation, the Deputy stern said, «Now comes the waiting period. Hope it will be as short as possible and the investigation will be completed in the shortest possible time. The delay of the investigation is not useful to anyone».

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Israeli politicians about the future of Netanyahu. Comments 06.08.2017

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