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Israeli reenactors opposed the destruction of the field where fell the Kingdom of Jerusalem

30 December at 15:30 at the residence of the head of government in Jerusalem street Strip will be held a demonstration against the construction of a new Druze settlement in the territory of the ridges of the horns of Hattin – on the very spot where more than 800 years ago has been one of the most important battles in history, and which for many centuries remained intact.

Here during the battle on 3-4 July 1187, the Muslim army under the command of Salah al-DIN defeated an army of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, foreshadowing the fall and not existed a hundred years of the crusaders. This event, as has often happened in the Holy Land, made an immediate impact in the Muslim and Christian world.

On the field of Hattin is one of the main shrines of the Druze community – a mausoleum, in which, as the Druze believe, the tomb of Jethro (Jethro), Moses ‘ father in law. The new settlement, whose territory will be 120 hectares and a population of about 10,000 people, will be located next to the tomb.

Against this initiative were made by the club of historical reconstruction «Kingdom of Jerusalem». For several years this club has on the field of Hattin reconstruction of the famous battle. In recent times the festival became international, attracting fans of living history from other countries. It were the initiators of the demonstration. On it they intend to come how to fight in armor.

«Let’s save the Horns of Hattin from idiots, bureaucrats and party functionaries! There, where the sounds of eternity – not the dealers. It is certain that. The participants role-playing, reenactment, and about the reenactment movement, please come in costume and boots. Take sevenfold bypass and blow pipe. And the walls will fall down…» – said in the appeal, posted online by organizers of the demonstration.

The head of club of historical reconstruction «Kingdom of Jerusalem» Gennady Nizhnik noted that in demonstration will take part not only reenactors, but all who cherish the history of Israel. He says that it is a unique place that has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

«The battle of the crusaders and the Muslims is not the only battle that took place on this field. They saw the army of the Egyptian pharaohs and the soldiers of Napoleon. According to one tradition, there is a Mountain of the blessings, which Jesus Christ delivered the sermon on the mount. The battlefield was supposed to add to the list of objects of historical heritage of UNESCO. In the case of the start of construction that will not happen,» he says.

One of the initiators of the project was the Deputy of the Knesset from the party Yisrael Beiteinu Hamad Amar. «According to the tradition of our community, after the wedding the young need to move to your own house. However, for many years the Druze settlements could not obtain the land necessary to ensure natural growth. Therefore, the growth rate of the Druze community are significantly lower than those of other communities of Israel,» he told

Our interlocutor argues that, after careful deliberation, came to the conclusion that the famous battle took place West of the area allocated for the new settlement, and thus the village will not change the landscape of the place where was predestinated the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The MP also noted that the territory is not owned by the Arabs, and no one can blame the Druze in the seizure of Arab lands.

Gennady Nizhnik emphasizes that understands the need to allocate a space for the Druze settlement, but did not understand why it needs to be built on the site of the historic battle. He also States that archaeological evidence leaves no doubt that the battle took place on the territory allocated under building.

January 5, 2016 regional planning Commission must make a final decision on the matter. The opponents of the project realize that swords and bows – not the most effective means of dealing with the Israeli bureaucracy, but, like their predecessors, are ready to fight even with their much larger opponent.

Israeli reenactors opposed the destruction of the field where fell the Kingdom of Jerusalem 30.12.2015

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