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Israeli research: cell phone is in your pocket affects sperm quality

Scientists of the medical faculty of the Haifa «Technion» medical center and «Carmel» published the results of a study indicating the negative impact of mobile phones on male fertility.

In Western countries, in 40% of cases of problems with conceiving a baby arise due to low sperm quality husband. As evidenced by a new study, one of the important causes of deterioration of sperm is carrying mobile phones in Trouser pockets.

The study, conducted by Dr. Julia Seinfeld under the direction of Professor Marta Direnfeld, covered the 106 men who were screened in the clinic for reproductive medicine hospital «Carmel».

The results of the study showed that talking on a cell phone more than an hour per day or regular use of mobile phone connected to a charger, and doubles the chances of a significant decline in sperm count.

The constant wearing of a mobile phone at a distance less than 50 centimeters from the groin area increases the chances for deterioration in the quality of sperm is more than 4 times.

Israeli research: cell phone is in your pocket affects sperm quality 03.02.2016

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