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Israeli rhinos move to Rostov-on-don. Review of Russian media

In the Rostov zoo, which this year celebrates 90 years, you can see two Rhino from Israel – 5 and 30 years. It is reported in Thursday newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to the press service of the city administration. The transfer of the animals discussed at the meeting with the head of national reserve Safari in Ramat Gan. The rhinos will be delivered to the don capital with the provision of appropriate conditions of transportation, food and lodging.

Turkey appealed to the UN with a complaint against violation by the government of the Netherlands of the Vienna Convention. According to Ankara, the European countries do not comply with diplomatic etiquette, and the norms of international law, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Ivana trump, the first wife of US President, writes a book of memoirs, which tell about the life of a tycoon and raising three children together – sons Donald and Eric and daughter Ivanka. wrote on Thursday the WG with reference to The Telegraph and the publisher Gallery. The book is called «Parenting Trumps» will appear in stores on September 12 of this year.
Ivana trump told reporters that he wrote the story of «motherhood, strength, and resilience», and also recalls «his childhood in Communist Czechoslovakia», the flight to new York, dizzying novel and successful career of a business lady».

«Turkey has indicated to the Netherlands to serious problems with women» is the title of an article in «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», where we are talking about a diplomatic scandal, which has affected the Dutch cows.

This topic was raised at a meeting of the Commission on the status of women at the UN General Assembly Minister for family Affairs and social policies of Turkey Fatma Betul saillant Kaya, which is not allowed in the Consulate of her country in Rotterdam.According to the Turkish Minister, the Dutch government’s actions «contradicted the principles of democracy.» «Were grossly violated freedom of speech, Assembly and movement. The position of the Hague clearly demonstrates the fact that in 2017 in the heart of Europe there are still serious problems on ensuring the rights and freedoms of women», – quotes the edition of words of the Minister.

A diplomatic crisis has affected even Dutch cows, whose meat Association of Turkey is planning to send home. To date, deported for 40 cows. The representative of the Association said that in the future Turkey «does not intend to import animals from the Netherlands».

The new capital IG will be deer al-Zour, reports the newspaper «Izvestia», which notes that in anticipation of the loss of Raqqa and Mosul to the city of relocating high-ranking commanders of the terrorist organization.

However, the terrorists, apparently, are not going to surrender without a fight Raqqa: ISIS has announced the imposition of martial law and began preparations for the urban battles. In the Internet appeared the photographs of sandy mounds in the middle of the streets, which block the movement of machinery. But experts are convinced that keeping his capital the extremists will not succeed.

Israeli rhinos move to Rostov-on-don. Review of Russian media 16.03.2017

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