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Israeli «skunk» was not able to disperse the demonstrators in India.

Israeli stinky bombs used to disperse the demonstrators, proved to be ineffective for use in India. It turned out that they do not meet the standards of the police Force the Central reserve (SPCR), the website of The Hindustan Times.

We are talking about bombs that can be sprayed from water cannons, and they smell like decomposing bodies or sewage. The smell is so strong that it takes a few days to wash it off.

Israeli security forces since 2008, successfully used the smelly bombs against Palestinian demonstrators. «It’s called Skunk («Skunk») and is a liquid form. It can be mixed with water and spraying,» — said a police spokesman.

Power SPCR tested Israeli stink bomb in Delhi and found out that for Indians it is not valid.

Website Huffpost explains that the majority of Indians from birth surrounded by a variety of unpleasant odors, so they have developed very high resistance to stench.

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Israeli «skunk» was not able to disperse the demonstrators in India. 28.07.2017

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