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Israeli surgeons have operated on the British girl saved her leg

On Sunday, the surgeons of Haifa’s RAMBAM hospital have successfully operated on six-year-old Kyra Worrell from Brighton, UK, which was threatened with amputation.

About it reports on Tuesday, February 6, the British newspaper the Jewish Chronicle.

«The operation was successful. Kira still has two surgeries for lengthening legs, after which she will be able to 16 years to purchase the full motor range,» – leads edition of the words of Dr. Dror Paley, a world-recognized expert on lengthening and limb reconstruction.

The article States that the girl suffered a birth injury in which her left leg was 20 cm shorter than the right. Kira’s mother said that for several days her daughter will use the prosthesis, and then be able to do without it.

Now the family of Kira will collect $ 132.000 for another operation to be conducted in Florida at the Paley Institute located in West palm beach. To Finance the surgery and subsequent three month course of physiotherapy, family Worrell sell your home.

Doctors of the National health service of great Britain, who examined the girl concluded that the best option would be amputation of the leg above the knee and prosthesis.

But Kira’s parents, Rome and Neil Worrell, decided to save the leg, so their daughter could take dance and gymnastics. They collected required to pay for the treatment 71.500 dollars in crowdfunding and brought Kira to Israel.

The Jewish news Agency JTA reports that the Israelis are actively helping the family, providing parents with housing and food.

Israeli Dror Paley, who has spent more than 20,000 operations for lengthening and limb reconstruction, studied at the University of Toronto and works in the United States. He agreed to come to Haifa for Kira to save this family money for airfare.

Israeli surgeons have operated on the British girl saved her leg 07.02.2018

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