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Israeli TV said he is waiting for being expelled from Israel Africans in Rwanda

Wednesday, February 7, live on two Israeli TV channels showed stories on Rwanda, a country willing to accept being expelled from Israel, African illegals.

In recent years, about 4 million Africans left Israel, went to Rwanda. The journalist of the 10th channel (14-button) Maya Aidan met with several of them to ask them about life in this new country.

30-year-old Eritrean Goitom in Israel, lived on the street and Lewinsky worked as a janitor. Four years ago, he received monetary compensation and voluntarily moved from tel Aviv to Rwanda. He says that even at the airport in Kigali, he took documents that he still has not received. He says that none of these Israel and Rwanda promises were fulfilled. He has no documents and is out of work.

Another Eritrean, who managed to find the journalist, complained about the lack of work in Rwanda. The money that was received from the government of Israel, it is long over. According to him, many of who left Israel Africans again went in search of a better life through Libya to Europe.

The journalist of TV channel «13Решет» Gilad Shalmor, while in Kigali, said the capital of Rwanda looks well-groomed and safe. According to him, life being expelled from Israel illegals are in no danger. However, in Rwanda there is a high unemployment rate. And coming here immigrants from Eritrea and Sudan will be difficult to find a job.

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Israeli TV said he is waiting for being expelled from Israel Africans in Rwanda 08.02.2018

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