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Israeli will pay thousands of Ukrainian airline compensation

A resident of Northern Israel, after returning from vacation in Ukraine for nine days later than the date indicated in the return ticket, blamed the airline and demanded compensation. But the version of the Israelite was not accepted by the court.

The website «Mako» wrote that about nine months ago the plaintiff bought the tickets to the Ukraine for himself and for his girlfriend.

The plaintiff claims that on the way back from Ukraine was an emergency at the airport by the representatives of Ukraine International Airlines announced to her friends that the plane was only one empty seat. A friend of the woman departed and she was left at the airport.

Israeli claims that the airline did not provide her a hotel or food. Home the woman returned only after nine days.

In the statement, which was filed in the small claims court in Israel, the woman pointed out that the failure of the company to send her the flight she had a ticket, has led to stress, she panicked. In addition, because of the nine-day absence, she was having problems at work.

The website «Mako» says the airline Ukraine International Airlines sent a representative to the trial in Israel. The representative of the defendant stated that the Israeli was late for a flight, but despite this, the company went to meet her and offered tickets for any other flight. In particular, she was offered a flight departing on the same day in tel Aviv, but the passenger refused. The airline representative also said that every day the company makes two flights to tel Aviv from Kharkov, and the passenger could choose any of them.

The airline representative suggested that the plaintiff was not telling the truth. She was just looking for a reason to stay in Ukraine, where she had friends.

The court decision States that petitioner failed to document his version, thus the version of the airline look good. The court ordered the Israeli airlines to pay compensation in the amount of 4 million NIS.

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Israeli will pay thousands of Ukrainian airline compensation 23.10.2017

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